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Since 2010, is a Leather export company, which has been on the national and international market. We are rated GOLD in LWG environmental stewardship audit certification & SA8000 Certification .

We Produce higher quality standard in the manufacturing of Full Chrome & Chrome Free in Cow ,Goat and Buffalo leather designed for upper shoes linings, ladies Handbag and other leather goods.

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Mr. D.Prakash. MD

“Adding values to your personality by using our fine leather products.”

Our Vision

To be the world's most sustainable leather manufacturer,to assure by giving you exquisite leather in superior quality by delivering you on-time.

We contiually strive to be as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible.

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“ Our business philosophy is still simple to provide quality products at a fair price while ensuring superior customer satisfaction. “

Why work with us

Conceria gives you a great leather and great products to be the partner of choice for creating good quality and manufacturing services to give 100% guaranteed customer satisification.Carry your belongings with the
perfect leather out here.


The leather manufacture process is to give you true leather goods of natural leather with great fragnance
dyeing,drying,softening and Finishing.


Our expertise in the processing technique of leather is strength behind delivering our finest quality products.


Our assurance of quality products is dealings and timely deliveries has enabled us to maintain acclerated growth through all these years of our business.


Your trust gives you the look you deserve with 100% genuine leather and make an impression.

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